SCARF styling!

Sleek and CHIC!

Sleek and CHIC! Wrapped around the neck with a half pull through…

Casually pulled together!

Casually pulled together! Wrapped around the neck and tucked into a jacket…

The wrap and pull through!

The wrap and pull through! Doubled up and looped through!

We all have them, but do we wear them?  Somehow they end up in the closet, ignored, unused, or even with department store price tag dangling from the label.  You swore you’d wear it an it would go with everything.  Years later, it gets tucked and pushed further and further in the back of the drawer.  Sad, yes. Hopeless, NO!

We wanted to inspire each and everyone of you who have experienced the SSS { sad scarf syndrome } to:

1.) Know that you’re not alone.

2.)  Recognize that there are countless days ahead of fabulously styled scarf looks in your future!


Try styling a scarf any one of the ways we’ve pictured here and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to transform your look.

Have an amazing “Trésors De Luxe” day  and always remember how unique and beautiful you are!

XO ~ Trésors De Luxe

The ORIGINAL Trèsors De Luxe, baby! XO

images via pintrest 🙂

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